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Gold Buyer - Silver Buyer - Coin Dealer - Jeweller

We Buy All Gold & Silver Jewellery, Coins, Bars and Ingots


Bring your gold & silver jewellery, trophies, cups, trays, cutlery, watches, coins and coin sets for the best price in the North West.

We dont simply just pay scrap prices for Jewellery and we can pay a premium for gold & silver proof coins and coin sets.

We are your competitively priced, local 'face-to-face' alternative to posting your gold and silver items, jewellery and coins away to Internet based companies. Why risk taking your precious items to busy city centres, taking your goods from shop to shop and dealer to dealer? We at Bolton Bullion & Coins are a small family based business that can offer you an instant current market value purchase offer and the choice of cash or bank transfer payments. We are easy to find, easy to get to and have 2 hours free on site parking. 

Come and support a local family based business and get a great price for your items.


Our price challenge 


We pay the best prices in the North West for scrap gold, jewellery, gold and silver coins, proof coins and coin sets, bullion bars and ingots, we resell a high percentage of our coin and jewellery purchases and therefore don't simply buy everything as scrap. Compare our prices and see the difference. 


We consistently pay the highest prices in the North West for silver coins, bullion coins and bars and scrap silver.


Compare other dealer's prices and you will see that we can pay the best prices for your gold and silver coins, coin sets, bullion bars and ingots.


All we ask is that before you decide to sell or post your gold & silver to anyone else is that you give Bolton Bullion a chance to impress you with our purchase offer.

All it takes is a quick phone call, email, text, whatsApp or visit

no appointment necessary, just call in anytime 9am till 4pm

* ID Always Required *

All gold and silver wanted

Including jewellery, scrap gold, gold watches, ingots, bars, sovereigns, krugerrands, britannia coins and all other world gold coins and coin sets.

We buy proof gold sovereigns and gold proof coin sets.


We buy all types of silver, British silver pre 1947 coins, Royal Mint coins and silver coin sets, scrap silver, tea sets, trophies, cutlery and we pay the best silver prices in the North West.

We buy all types of gold coins and bars

How we can pay you more than others

We don't have large High Street shop rents or rates to pay.

We keep our business premises small, our operating costs to a bare minimum and our profit margins even smaller.

We also don't employ commission agents or unnecessary staff. All of these factors give us the advantage of paying you more than others.


Why not try us and compare our prices, you won't be disappointed.

Read our reviews below from some of our previous happy customers.

Benefits of dealing with Bolton Bullion

*No city centre traffic jams or expensive parking charges to pay

*We are easy to find and to get to

*We have free next to the premises parking

*No risky carrying your valuables from shop to shop across city centres

*We offer fantastic prices

*We are a local face to face alternative to posting your valuables 

*We pay immediate cash or bank transfer your choice

* We can offer a private and confidential no fuss service


We buy all types of war medals


We are convieniently based in Farnworth, Bolton, Greater Manchester and are only 10 mins from junction 4 of the M61

Sat Nav settings - 2 King Street - BL4 7AZ

Opening Times 

Monday 9 - 4pm

Tuesday 9 - 4pm

Wednesday - closed

Thursday 9 - 4pm

Friday 9 - 4pm

Saturday 9 - 4pm

Sunday - closed

No appointment necessary.



Call us direct

07935 233090

01942 833104

or Email or WhatsApp details or photos of your items for valuation.

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We are located at:

Bolton Bullion & Coins
2 King Street, Farnworth Indoor Retail Centre

Farnworth, Bolton


Contact us today!

You Can Contact Us By:


Phone - Mob & Landline


Phone Number & Email Below:

07935 233090 07935 233090

Landline - 01942 833104

Or use our contact form.

Cash or bank transfer Payments available.

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